Using Dual SIM devices

Some devices come with Dual SIM capabilities. This means that you can use 2 SIMs in your phone, but there are some restrictions. 

  • Some older devices may only accept 1 Three SIM, as they can only support a single 3G or 4G connection. 
  • In this case, you’ll need to set your Three SIM as the primary SIM. A secondary SIM will only work on 2G, which isn’t supported by the Three network.
  •  You’ll need to use a SIM from another network for the secondary SIM. If you use a Three SIM, you’ll see a No Service notice. 
  • You can use Dual SIM if your device only has one physical SIM insert by using eSIM, if your device is compatible. To find out more about eSIM, check out our support page.

Some devices will also let you use the second SIM slot as a memory card slot.

You can find out more about which devices use eSIM or Dual SIM slots on our device support pages.

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