Finding out your number

If you’ve forgotten your phone number, or need to know your Mobile Broadband number, it’s easy to find. But it depends on which operating system your phone uses.

If you’re using iPhone

  1. Go to your Settings
  2. Tap Phone
  3. Look for My Number

If you’re using Android

  1. Go to your Settings
  2. Select About phone or About device. Some versions of Android display the phone number on this screen.
  3. If your number isn’t there, tap Status or Phone identity

Finding your Mobile Broadband number

  1. Go to our device support page
  2. Click View tablets or View Mobile Broadband devices, then click on your device.
  3. Click Finding out your number.

Still can’t find your number?

Log in to My3 on your phone or desktop, then select Top-up. You’ll find your number there.

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